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The Dāna Practice group was started on Insight Timer in Nov 2022 to share, encourage, and inspire generosity practice. Today, we're over 1,000 members.

Dāna is a Sanskrit and Pali word meaning "generosity of heart". In many Eastern traditions, the practice of dāna is essential to our well-being and is cultivated at an early age. By practicing dāna, we create spaciousness in our hearts and alleviate fears that we don't have enough. Dāna practice can take on any number of forms (not just money). We can be generous with our time, our attention, our wisdom, our strength, our forgiveness to others in need. By sharing with each other how we practice generosity in our daily lives, we can inspire others with their own dāna practice, and in turn, make the world a more spacious place to live.


Come join us in the Dāna Practice Group

Photo last updated: Dec. 2, 2022

Mosaic of Dana Practice Group on Insight Timer
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